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explicanto Developer Documentation for the Authoring Platform


The Explicanto Authoring Platform is a client/server system composed from the Explicanto Server and the Explicanto Authoring Client. In order to start the system you will need:

  • A JRE 1.5 (or higher)
  • A Tomcat 5.0.30 (or higher) distribution for the Explicanto Server. The server is a web application deployed as a WAR file and runs inside the Tomcat container
  • A relational database (Postgres, Mysql) for the Explicanto Server.
  • Eclipse 3.1 (or higer) IDE. This is required in order to build the client. For the server you will need ant. The client is build around RCP from Eclipse and you will have to use Eclipse to import and build it.

You can fetch and build the server and the client in any order but the recommanded method is to build and run the server first and to build the client last. This is because the client communicates with the server using a web-service and the dependent classes should regenerate after the server is started. The current distribution includes the generated code against the latest version of the server and you should have to problem in using it. If there are changes made on the server then the client code has to be regenerated.