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Use Cases

explicanto - an Instrument that optimizes Knowledge Management


Successful selling requires an excellent information management system. Even before market entry, your explicanto experts prepare their individual knowledge whether it be product details, sales strategies or pricing queries. This knowledge information will then be communicated to all sales personnel and sales partners.

At the same time explicanto provides necessary Kick-Off material, which includes presentations as well as online-training courses, available within a company’s internal network or over the internet. If customers require more specific product information, it can be found on your CD. Updating knowledge is easy, since all information is stored in a standardized database. Monitoring performance can be performed while using explicanto. Due to these features, it is guaranteed that all information is up-to-date and properly formatted.

Customer Support and Service

Customer Service is focused on increasing customer satisfaction and at the same time reducing cost per case. explicanto can put both of these goals into practice. explicanto facilitates further training of internal and external employees at no extra cost. New employees can be trained most efficiently. If operations are outsourced, explicanto will ensure that the business partner is sufficiently qualified to achieve the expected quality standards. The Closed-Loop feedback system enables monitoring of these processes. A further advantage: The necessary service know-how is not distributed amongst various contacts, but is consolidated and always available.

IT department

In a business environment, changes are constantly taking place within the IT department, from introducing new software to updating existing applications. It is therefore vital that employees continuously expand their knowledge. Even before implementing changes, the required knowledge can be collected using explicanto.

Following this scheme, it is possible to efficiently train users before and during an introduction phase. For every setting the most appropriate method can be used, either through classroom- or online-training. Updates are collected and communicated efficiently within the system. Since access to this knowledge reservoir is permanent, workers will always receive guaranteed support. Solutions for frequently recurring problems are immediately recorded with the help of explicanto and are available to all users. Therefore, the optimum benefits of new software or processes can be taken advantage of.

Human Resource Management

Communication of internal and external regulations results in a need for training and in particular the training of new employees. A comprehensive information management policy contributes enormously to increasing employee satisfaction and motivation levels. It also contributes to cost reduction. explicanto offers a valuable solution to reduce costs: It provides a knowledge store which can be used for any type of training – whether it be basic information concerning the operational workflow, or regulations for responsible actions. Updating can be done in real-time and communicated immediately. The sustainability of these measures can be monitored via reports and learning tests.