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10 Reasons for using explicanto

Fast collection

The experts in each department (editors) can easily and quickly collect, transform and update their knowledge. To achieve this, they neither require programming knowledge nor do they need to staff external specialists. Content that has already been collected (e.g. office documents, videos and illustrations) is easily integrated.

Efficient teamwork

Teams and individuals can prepare information at the same time, unrestricted by time and location. To-Do lists, Status Tracking and Notifications provide transparency. Automated processing steps result in efficient teamwork.

Central availability of knowledge

All information is consolidated and stored in a central database. Didactic structures and templates support this preparation. Changes within the central database can be performed with the push of a button regardless of the delivery medium, and are instantly available through all distribution channels.

Customized delivery medium and information channels

The prepared content can be adapted into a multitude of formats – from PDF, Flash or Java files to HTML and Handhelds. This makes it possible to focus on the most diverse communication channels – whether it be presentations, manuals, classroom- or online-training.

Very user-friendly

Relevant information is available to each target group in a concrete format. It is quick and easy to access and can be used at any time. The content is visually appealing and is didactically prepared. explicanto takes the individual user needs into consideration. This provides for user satisfaction.

Goal-orientated communication

explicanto helps to prevent the accumulation of unnecessary content. Users are able to provide their individual input about which knowledge areas they perceive to be the most relevant. They are informed of new or changed content automatically. This enables users to receive up-to-date information for any topic of their choice.

Optimizing Knowledge Management through feedback

Learning content must not only be distributed, but understood as well. Through reports and other feedback channels, the editor is able to monitor the extent to which the individual user has understood the provided information. Comments and suggestions for further improvement that users contribute continuously optimize this central knowledge database.

Easy to expand

explicanto can initially be used on a small scale, and if desired can be expanded later. Thus, explicanto can be adapted depending on the company’s growth.

High security measures

explicanto has adopted very reliable security measures. Only authorized people are allowed to view and change content. A state-of-the-art encryption technology ensures secured transmission – even beyond the company’s internal network.

Future-proof solutions

explicanto exclusively uses future-proof technology (e.g. Java Enterprise Edition), which is independent of specific platforms. Therfore, the long-term use of investment is ensured.